Tan Jee Say: Singaporeans Will Elect Minority Candidate As President Based On Merit

My comments on PM’s proposed changes to the Elected President, GRC and NCMP schemes, are as follows:

1. Elected President-

a) Existing eligibility criteria are sufficiently tight and yet flexible to permit candidates from a broad background to come forth and contest, so no need to change criteria;

b) CPA (Council of Presidential Advisers) is not elected by the people and has no mandate or moral authority to have more powers vis-a-vis an elected President, it should remain an advisory body and not empowered to dilute the authority of an elected President;

c) the Government cannot force a minorities President on the people as it is the people who decide; a President imposed on the people rather than truly elected by the people has no moral authority to check the Government; there are many minorities who satisfy criteria to be candidates and Singaporeans will elect them if they are adjudged to be better than others.

2. GRC’s –

a) GRC’s should be scrapped and Parliament reverts to SMC’s for all seats;

b) minority representation, the purported objective of the GRC scheme, can be secured through a modified NCMP scheme for a minimum number of minorities MPs.

3. NCMP’s –

a) no impact with only minimum 12 opposition MPs including NCMP’s,

b) will only make a difference if number of NCMP’s is increased to ensure minimum of over one-third opposition MPs that can effectively check government with a veto.


Source: Tan Jee Say

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