Let’s give help to those struggling with drug issues

“Mereka yang berusia di bawah 20 tahun naik 51 peratus.
Penagih dadah muda kekal membentuk majoriti pesalah kali pertama sejak 2011.”

It’s disheartening to see this. I cried in silence.
My son saw the sudden change in my facial expression. I tried to hold them back but I just couldn’t.

Friends and families, I urge each and every one of you reach out to those whom you know struggling with this challenge in life. Don’t be too ashamed to seek professional help. Your denial now could lead to more greater issues in the future and greater issues means more sacrifices needed.

And to those who are struggling with this, know that there are many genuinely concerned people out there who are ready to render support to you. But please know, that no matter how good the interventions (programme, counselling, therapy) are, the real change is within YOU!
Don’t go on complaining that your life issues are too great and the only coping mechanism is to depend on that particular substance.
Millions out there are facing greater trials but chose to face them instead of escaping.
Let’s be the change, be an inspiration to others, you never know who you might inspire. It could be that enemy of yours, your next door neighbour, that kid on the street or even the buddy of yours whom you are sharing that instrument with.

Please help me to share this message around, screenshot the message if you have to. We need to raise more awareness. More caring people like you and me.

Link –> http://berita.mediacorp.sg/mobilem/singapore/cnb-jumlah-pesalah-guna/2516260.html

Source: Shafiee Razali

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