Open Letter To SingTel Group CEO: Stop Colluding With VIPGames To Cheat Unwitting Customers

Open letter to SingTel Group CEO

06 Mar 2016

Madam Chua Sock Koong
Group CEO of SingTel

It pains me to bring to your attention that SingTel has become an accomplice with one of its third party partners in a scheme to dupe subscribers into signing up for video games.

I happen to be one of its unwitting victims. I shudder to think of the thousands of other unwary subscribers who have been lured, trapped and then hooked to such mindless games (See attachments)

The culprit in question is VIPGames. As I see it, its modus operandi is to send innocuous-looking SMS to SingTel subscribers. If anyone opens it unwittingly, as I must have done, it automatically assumes that the respondent wants to subscribe to its games. This is both an unethical and illegal sales tactic.

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It then informs SingTel to collect the fees on its behalf. Of course, SingTel will only be too happy to do so, as it will keep a substantial portion as its commission, before handing over the balance to the said third party.

By agreeing to act in concert, SingTel cannot absolve itself of any blame. It is like a gangster collecting protection money on behalf of the mafia.

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It does not matter that a subscriber can cancel the subscription that he did not in the first place want by simply calling up the SingTel complaint line. The point is that subscribers should not be subjected to such gangster-like harassments.

Madam, do you realise that more and more Singaporeans, especially the young are becoming addicted to such games? If not checked now, it can become a serious national problem later on.

What is the point of earning a few more dollars through such dubious means? Why help a business partner to undermine the moral fabric of our society for such petty gains?

As one of Singapore prominent corporations, surely you will agree that SingTel should give top priority to protecting its image. Surely SingTel would also want to contribute towards strengthening the work ethics of the young?

Surely SingTel should choose its business partners with care and avoid those with a propensity to cheat and deceive.

I hope you will use your good office to put a stop to such immoral business tactics.


Ismail Kassim


Source: Ismail Kassim

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