Mohd Khair: Learn About Islam From The Correct And Credible Sources

My Dear Non-Muslim Friends,

For any non-Muslim interested to know more about Islam, the Quran and its text, please seek assistance from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) or any nearby mosque or the Singapore Muslim Converts Association or the Singapore Islamic Teachers and Scholars Association (PERGAS).

Do not rely on online sources, especially those sites used by extremist or terrorist groups which subvert Islam by claiming to be Islamic or an authority in Islam whereas they are NOT.

Those online sites do not represent Islam nor the Muslim World.

And please remember that ISIS and its predecessor Al Qaeda are unIslamic groups. The entire Muslim World and entire Islamic Scholars have condemned all the terrorist acts by such groups.

And as far as suicide bombers and their actions are concerned, they are neither Islamic nor sanctioned in Islam and by its Scholars.

So, please do yourselves a favour. If you need more information about Islam. Muslims and interpretations of the Quranic texts, seek help from MUIS, Mosques or PERGAS or other Recognised Muslim Organisations like the Singapore Muslim Converts Association.

Do not ask Google Sheikh for it will only lead you astray and make you an extremist in your views about Islam and Muslims


Source: Mohd Khair

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