Walid J. Abdullah: Chastise, Don’t Dismiss, Donald Trump And Supporters

So many people going out of their way to chastise Donald Trump. I have no doubts some do it out of their convictions that his rhetoric is simply vile; yet, i can’t help but feel some just do it to present themselves as enlightened individuals.

Regardless, condemning his supporters as bigots, racists, narrow-minded, dumb and stupid is not going to change their vote. In fact, it will merely strengthen their conviction that Trump is indeed being targeted by the establishment and the rest of the world. An establishment that they perceive to have lost touch with the masses, and one that has not taken care of their bread and butter.

Learn from the lessons of Brexit. Displaying self-righteousness will not get us anywhere (look at those idiots supporting Trump; i’m anti-racism (selectively), i read so much, i’m clever, and they are morons). The rhetoric of hate, when heard by disenfranchised people, can really result in racist, bigoted and weird outcomes.

Address the real issues surrounding disenfranchisement, and don’t just dismiss them as ‘Trump supporters are just racists and misogynists’! (Which undeniably, some are)

But sure, if we want to take the moral ‘high ground’, in spite of our own silence toward racism in our midst, and if we wish to portray to the world how illuminated we are, continue to be condescending toward Trump supporters. Just don’t act surprised or sad if he eventually wins.

I don’t think he will, but hey, i didn’t think George W. Bush would get elected. Twice. The second time, after the illegal invasion of Iraq.


Source: Walid J. Abdullah

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