OK If You Don’t Play Pokèmon Go, Not OK To Be A Kill-Joy About It

Singapore is still breeding a bunch of inessential pessimistic individuals who are strong joykillers of Pokèmon Go.

“I would rather spend my time with my family.” “I prefer doing other useful things other than finding for virtual animals.” “Why find Pokèmons? Doesn’t give you actual money, also.” “So anti-social, everywhere looking at their phones.” “Just waiting for someone to get killed by a car.”

If you don’t play, you can stuff your opinions up where the sun don’t shine.So you’re the minority where your voices aren’t heard, you don’t go out to enjoy being around other Pokèmon catchers, you don’t drain your battery finding virtual rare animals, basically ’cause you’re just being a whining grouch.

We have families actually going out together all around Singapore, enjoying each other’s company, getting excited and they’re…..happy. Singapore is just so stressed out with what’s going on and that’s what we need. Happiness.

If you find happiness within the 4 walls of your house, well, HERE, HAVE A MEDAL, then. If you’re not into all this hype, then shush, honey.

We have all been to (almost) every part of Singapore but with Pokèmon Go, you get to experience certain places where you’ve never been to before….with your family and friends.

Basically we’re happy doing what we do and we don’t owe the minority of you nothing. We never used your money for Pokè Coins, Pokè Balls, or Lure Modules. You guys don’t get us who enjoy a game, neither do we understand your choice for being a sourpuss.

Have a great National Day, and we’ll probably see you guys outside your house because there’s a Dratini. Toodles!


Source: Rabiatul Adawiyah Yusak

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