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Chef Bob Has Amazing Neighbour – Taoist Neighbour Asked Permission To Carry Out Prayers And Burn Incense

I am blessed to have the best and amazing neighbour ever! Yesterday she asked for my permission: “Eh Ah Bob ah!!! Malam ini gua mau sembahyang lu tau? Gua letak balang-balang depan lumah gua. Gua mau bakar balang. Boleh ah?”…
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The Hypocrisy Of Racism And Multiracialism In Singapore

*when an old man hurls racist insults at a Malay lady* ‘Oh, this is a one-off incident. This should be condemned, but it is not reflective of our society at all.’ *when madrasah kids are labeled extremists* ‘Oh, that is…
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Walid J. Abdullah: World Has To Deal With Failings Of American Democracy

Perhaps 2016 will teach us not to adopt a holier-than-thou approach towards those who disagree with us. Dismissing everyone who is a Trump supporter as a racist, xenophobic idiot evidently did not work out well. Sure, there are racists and…
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