Uber Drivers Don’t Take Rest So They Can Make More Money

Dear Admin,

As an Uber/Grab driver, I would like to share with you some irresponsible and possibly dangerous behaviour. For the sake of money, some drivers are willing to work continuously for 24 hours with minimum rest. If you are a customer and you see the driver is tired or dozing off, please continue to talk to them and keep them awake to prevent accidents. If you are drunk or sleepy and driver also very tired then I also dunno how to help u.

This guy Ad~ actually shared that he drive from 5pm to 3pm the next day with no sleep and very little breaks. And I tell u he’s not the only one working like this during long weekend and public holidays. He earned over $1K and he will be doing it again later.

Stay safe during festive period. Money can earn back but life only got 1.

Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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