Western Control Of Muslims Is Over

DURING the Christmas and New Year celebrations, most Western nations were placed on high alert for terrorist activities.
Only a decade or two ago, these nations celebrated the year-end festivities peacefully.
Why has this change occurred?
To understand, one has to refer to conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East.
That Muslims are fighting back against aggressors was evident from the Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, which was followed by al-Qaeda’s Sept 11 attacks in the United States.
The West is learning a painful lesson that the days of passive Muslim resistance are over and that they can take on the West.
The urge in the West to subjugate Muslim nations has stirred up in Muslims their right to defend their religion.
This has spawned militant groups, the deadliest being the Islamic State terrorist group.
The IS ideology of setting up a caliphate —a super state ranging from Northern Africa to the Middle East — has found favour with many Muslims, who view that the fragmented Islamic world has triggered Western intervention and that the best weapon is unity with a syariah system in place.
To Muslims, the caliphate of old is reminiscent of the golden age of Islam, when Muslims were in the forefront.
IS points out the cause of Islamic decline and that the only way to stop Western interference and dominance is for Islamic countries to unite under a caliphate with syariah as the national law. More than any other religion, Islam has a unique set of laws and is considered a way of life for Muslims.
Islamic law is second to none in its simplicity, complexity and sense of justice. Hence, Muslim nations have no need for Western ideologies, which are at odds with syariah.
This concept is opposed by the West, which profits from its divideand-rule policy used against Muslims.
The West needs to stop its interference via regime change. Left to themselves, Muslim nations will stabilise and adopt a system that works for them and their religion.
Leave Muslim countries alone and there will be peace in the world, especially in Western capitals.
The West can offer socio-economic aid as well as humanitarian assistance to Muslim nations but must refrain from interference and domination.
The age of subjugation is long gone.
Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Source: New Straits Times

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