Self-Proclaimed “Business Mentors” Have No Credibility, Harming Community’s Progress

Don’t u dare call urself an Entrepreneur or a Businessman if all u do is rely on ur fake workshops to be full.. What happens when u run out of people to “inspire”, what happens when u run out of minds to manipulate?

Trust me when I say that there are many that do not dare to speak up on this, for fear of being shut down, ridiculed or ganged up by these Fake Millionaire Mentors. Suit and tie konon, pose infront of other people’s cars, podah! Kocek kosong..

Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas. Not happy, delete and block me or straight up challenge me but make sure u are better then me or I will shut u down. If u have to knw, before u go up against me in business prowess, the sales target is 2 million a year, coz thats my sales target. If the target is too high for u, then turn around and walk away but If u think the target is not much for u or anyone in ur “Mentor Community”, get this, I achieve this target year in and year out, even when im sitting at home doing nothing. Even when Im sleeping. Even when Im on holiday. Even when Im ranting about u on Facebook. And I dont have to cheat and promise anyone the World to achieve this target. I make new prospects each minute of each day being who I am. U loose prospects everyday pretending to be who u are definitely not. So if u think, u can teach me about business, lu relak sua bruder….

U wanna go toe to toe with me, then make sure ur businesses are also toe to toe with mine. Otherwise, just take my rants as they are and do ur business elsewhere (like on a different continent perhaps) and please STOP cheating my fellow Muslim sisters and brothers out of their time, ambitions and money.

I am the real “Zero to Hero” … not u.
U are more like the Zero to Minus One…
And dont think I do not knw where ur awards came from or how much u had to pay for em…lol

There are NO short cuts when it comes to making money or running a business and as soon as the Malay community realise and believe that, ur classes will be empty… then what u gonna do? Teach baking ah? At least that is a profession and business I can respect 10x more…

On the same note, I urge everyone who is about to be duped of their time and money, pls do a proper background check on these mentors. Find out,

1) Is my mentor the real deal, or a copy and paste on the blackboard kinda guy? They better be teaching something that u cant get free from Google.

2) Does my mentor have and own the luxuries that he claims to have? Or is it all just hocus pocus and mambo jumbo.

3) If my mentor is rich, how did he become rich? Did he make it from a business or did he make it from his so called seminars and classes, and if he did become rich from his full house classes, then u are better off if he teaches u how to run classes instead of teaching u on how to start up and be successful at a business he never owned or never did…

P.s : Im about to loose at least 10 FB friends…
But I am about to make a hundred more new and genuine ones…



Source: Bhai Hafiz Angullia

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