Former SIA Steward: SIA’s Reward System For MC Unfair And Puts Undue Pressure On Sick Staff

Open note to all my friends and ex-colleagues in SIA:

I have seen several postings on social media recently, regarding the unfortunate fate of a cabin crew. Most of these postings have mentioned that this crew went for flight despite being unwell, maybe for fear of getting an MC, therefore highlighting the flaws of the medical system of SIA. I DO NOT know the actual facts, but I know 1 thing for certain, the medical ‘rewarding’ system of the company is severely flawed.

Most of my friends would have known why I left the company. Don’t get me wrong. I was ready to fly for life. I was fully committed. Let me explain something first. If u take MC, u get points deducted, therefore bringing down any opportunities for u to b eligible for an interview for promotion. I was scared. I wanted to be promoted. I took needles to my ass when I was sick, and I went for flight still. I thought I was doing the right thing.

A few weeks before I resigned, I had an accident. Because I was not to be hospitalized, my Ward Leader who acted on behalf of the company, said this was to be casual MC, that my chances for getting promoted would be hurt, that he can’t help coz it’s company’s POLICY.

I pleaded my case. I said I had a ZERO discipline record. I said my batch mates were due for an LS interview. I said i really want to fly and work for the company. I said so many things until I felt exhausted. Finally, I said thank you, and left the office. I walked out to the main road, flagged a cab and went home. Opened the front door, sat down in front of the computer, started typing my resignation letter, and all this time I was shaking. Not with sadness, but full of anger towards an organization that I dedicated a good part of my life to. N the next best thing happened….. I clicked SEND. Turned off the com, and just slumped on the couch, wondering wtf I just did. But I knew I did the right thing. Somehow I knew it was the right thing to do.

Friends, kakis, buddies and acquaintances from SIA, to those who r still flying. I do not know what is the reason as to y u r still with the company. But I know that u r just doing what is best for urself n ur family. Keep doing what u love pls. Be it the lifestyle, the money, the stability, etc. Just b happy pls. But but but….. don’t push urself to fly when u r not well. Ppl back home think about U all the time. Money can earn another day, in another way. Ok?

To SIA, pls review ur medical ‘rewarding’ system. Reward someone who worked hard, who is loyal. But not because the human is only working hard coz he/she is afraid to lose out on promotion opportunities. That’s not right. That is not right at all.

‘Be a man. Do the right thing’ – Russell Peters


Source: Aaron Tan

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