Man Can’t Believe Bad Luck – Nose Fractured After Alleged Attack By Caucasian, Facing Charges After Arrest


On Friday 3rd February 2017, at Raffles Place MRT station (platform for East-West line heading towards Pasir Ris) at or around 6.30pm, I was attacked by a Caucasian man. He tried to pick a fight and I walked away but he followed me through the mrt station and at the far end near the 3rd door he attacked me leaving me with a fractured nose requiring surgery.

Unfortunately, as the police and mrt staff did not take down the particulars or statements of any of the numerous witnesses present, I was also arrested and now face possible charges.

If you saw something please, I implore you to come forward and help me.

Kindly PM me if you have any info. Thank you!

Please help to spread the word!


Source: Jason Gavriel

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