Nizam Ismail: No Need For Yaacob Ibrahim To Belittle Geylang Serai In Making Flawed Meritocracy Argument

Yaacob Ibrahim has confirmed that he won’t run for the elected Presidency.

Well, if a role that is reserved for a Malay is now seen to be still meritocratic, then you can simply extend that argument to any position in government.

Let’s have a Malay PM (without any competition from non-Malays), and that can be meritocratic?

I think it’s regrettable that there is a derogatory remark about the people in Geylang Serai.

“But we believe it must come about because of meritocracy. Even for the elected president, you don’t just pick up somebody from Geylang Serai – the person must qualify, the person must earn the respect of all Singaporeans,” he added.


Source: Nizam Ismail In Suara Melayu Singapura



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