Khairudin Aljunied: Do Not Fight Evil With Evil, Fight Evil With Good

The Imam and the Silly Convert

Once, there was a convert who was unhappy with what he heard from an Imam. So he went up to the Imam angrily and said:

Convert: Can you stop saying things that will hurt people?

Imam: I am sorry brother, but what did I say that might hurt anyone?

Convert: You said those things and you know it. It’s offensive! I’ve just shared a video of what you said.

Imam: I was speaking to Muslims in this small congregation but you, my brother, shared it to the world. Now everyone is offended. So was I wrong or you?

Convert: [already feeling stupid] But you said things that are offensive to others! I must expose you.

Imam: [gently putting his hand on the convert] Brother, I think you should stop being a Muslim for now.

Convert: What!!!

Imam: I read verses from the Quran and these verses have been read on the pulpit every Friday and during Eids since the time of the Prophet Muhammad till this day for over a thousand years. Muslims and non-Muslims lived peacefully even when these verses were read. Things change when you came.

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The Imam and the Wised Up Convert Reloaded

And so the silly convert became even more angry by the Imam’s light-hearted comments. He reported the Imam to the authorities. The authorities checked and researched and found that what the Imam read was from the Quran. That all imams in the country read those verses and that imams all over the world do it too. So he decided to take matters in his hands and confront the imam again:

Imam: Assalamualaikum brother, you are back here again. So nice to see you.

Convert: Waalaikum Salam. I am here to tell you that I am sorry for what I did.

Imam: There is no need to apologize. We all commit errors. But I want you to do one thing for me.

Convert: Yes, I will.

Imam: Read and study the Quran daily. And learn the Sunnah as found in the books of Hadith. Follow the path of the great Imams and Ulama. Enjoin what is good, defend what is right and spread the message of peace among all mankind. Always remember and memorize the words of our beloved Prophet:

“Fear of Allah wherever you may be. Follow up an evil deed with a good one, so that the good one will wipe out the evil deed. And behave towards the people with a good behaviour.” (al-Tirmidhi)

Convert: May Allah assist me and us in this!

Imam: And may all of us enter into Islam wholeheartedly!


Source: Khairudin Aljunied


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