Video: Northbrooks Secondary Teacher Used Vulgarity In Class

The video of a Northbrooks secondary school teacher using the words cheebye or cibai when she disciplined her student has gone viral in Singapore. The teacher lost control of the situation and was raising her voice back at the rude student, eventually resorting to vulgarities to talk down the student.

While the student may be the first to use the vulgarity on the teacher, the teacher should not have used the vulgarity cibai back on the student. When she did so, the rest of the class were visibly amused and laughing out loud to see their teacher lose control and use vulgar language back to the student. They took a snapchat video of the whole incident and posted it online.

According to the video source, it was claimed that the school had told the girl who was scolded to request the video-taker to not post the video online to avoid drawing attention to the unsavoury incident.

The Ministry of Education has yet to comment on this latest incident.

The video link can be found at: video


Source: ASS

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