Taco Dendeng, A New Rising Food Star At Pasar Malams

For the longest time, the Ramly burger has been the essential pasar malam (night market) food. But it seems like it is now facing some stiff competition.

To fully know what is challenging the Ramly burger’s supremacy, you have to know these:

What is Dendeng?

Dendeng is an Indonesian delicacy of thinly sliced grilled meat marinated with sugar and spices. It is like bak kwa or jerky, except that the meat used is either chicken or beef.


Dendeng. Source: <a href=
Dendeng. Source: Wikipedia 

What is Taco?

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish of tortilla and various fillings.


Tacos. Source: Wikipedia
Tacos. Source: Wikipedia


Taco Dendeng

Together, dendeng and taco make a great idea of a fusion dish – Taco Dendeng. It is a taco shell filled with a piece of dendeng, some cabbage and home-made salsa.

Created and sold by Dendeng Duo at pasar malams, Taco Dendeng combines the best of taco and dendeng.

This is what it looks like:

Photo from Dendeng Duo Facebook
Photo from Dendeng Duo Facebook

The brainchild of Nur Azhar Sulaiman, 32, and Qaliff Rahim, 28, the co-founders of Dendeng Duo, Taco Dendeng can also be customised with an eclectic range of sauces, such as nacho cheese, wasabi mayo, spicy garlic aioli, and even salted egg yolk.

Here’s how the dish is prepared:

People are loving it.

It seems that this innovative new addition to pasar malam fare has really spiced up the scene and challenged the old Ramly burger order.

Just look at these.

Bagus lah, Dendeng Duo!


Source: MothershipSG

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