Commentary: Riding Is A Cheaper Method Of Transport But That Only Shows How Cheap Your Life Is


Someone posted a bold comment about riding motorcycle in Singapore and relate to the BKE accident recently. In the post he criticise riders saying that ride motorcycle as a form of cheap transport. He say maybe there is a trend in singapore because like almost all riders are malay and told the malays to take care. He was a rider to a driver (car to lorries who cares) and realise that singapore roads are not for bikers.

In the post:

“i am a rider and driver from cars to lorries even class 4, i must say bikers are a pain in the ass (: thankfully i drive now. Lets face the fact that Singapore roads are never suitable for motorcycles.  Yes it may be a cheaper method of transport as compared to a car. However, that only shows how cheap your life is. so if you cant afford to drive, dont ride and just take public transport @ Yusuf norseni i dont know whats the trend going on in SG but it seems like many mlay are riders, please take care buddy. Lets pray for all the casualties and van driver, peace out”


So, who is this guy think he is. All bikers are pain in the ass? All riders are malay? How bout your stupidity is the trending now. People can ride because of hobby and they want to spend the money on bikes. Why you have to mention one race when saying about all the bikers in sg? And from rider to driver means you right to criticise and look down at people who are riding bikes is it? No point you remove your fb.

I have been riding in singapore close to 10 years now. From small bikes to bigger so i know how it feel as a biker here. I work despatch and delivery too. As a singaporean and malay and a rider, i really feel offended and angry.



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