Don’t Impose Secular Views On Religious Bodies

The statements by the National Council of Churches of Singapore and the local Roman Catholic Church regarding the “gay moment” in the Disney movie, Beauty And The Beast, are quite clearly meant as advisories to the leaders of their respective congregations and the parents there (Disney’s Beauty And The Beast given PG rating for ‘mild violence’; March 15).

But the statements were picked up and published by various media outlets.

Not unexpectedly, a number of netizens took offence and attacked and ridiculed these statements without considering the context.

We should not impose our secular views and opinions upon any religious body or organisation, out of respect for its religious belief and also out of respect for our Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act.

The various online alternative media outlets which mock religious beliefs and activities could be seen as making mischief.

They risk tearing the fragile fabric of religious harmony in Singapore.

I hope they can rein in their attacks before the situation gets out of control.

David Fong Chee Hong



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