SPH Radio Fined $7000 For Offensive Comments By Kiss92FM Morning Show DJs

SPH Radio has been slapped with a S$7,000 financial penalty by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for breaching the Free-To-Air Radio Programme Code.

On Jan 11, deejays on Kiss92FM were discussing about the study on the sleeping patterns of Singaporeans during their on-air morning segment. In the process of interpreting the findings obtained from the study, the deejays voiced remarks which “stereotyped certain races”. These remarks were deemed offensive by some listeners.

In a statement on Tuesday (March 21), the IMDA said: “As a free-to-air broadcaster, SPH Radio is expected to comply with the Free-To-Air Radio Programme Code which seeks to ensure that radio programmes maintain a standard that is acceptable to the community.

“A key obligation under the Code is for broadcasters to avoid racial and religious stereotyping and ensure that content which denigrates or is likely to offend the sensitivities of any racial or religious group in Singapore is not aired.”


Source: www.todayonline.com


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