Malay OCT Excelled Despite Absence Of Family, Emerged Sword Of Merit Recipient

One of the greatest challenges 2LT Mohamed Izzmel Sufyan Bin Mohamed faced during his OCS journey was the fact that his family lives overseas. However, 2LT Izzmel was determined to make his family proud, and to never let them down. Recalling his most difficult time in OCS, the Jungle Confidence Course, 2LT Izzmel expressed that he had “never been so physically and mentally strained”. To comfort himself during the training, he always carried a picture of his family. With his uncle’s advice and his family encouragement, 2LT Izzmel pressed on and finished the course with aplomb.

Standing at this point, 2LT Izzmel has become a stronger soldier in terms of body, mind and heart. In terms of his physical and mental strength, 2LT Izzmel has grown. But beyond that, 2LT Izzmel has become more disciplined and confident, and has done his family proud. As a mark of his good performance, 2LT Izzmel was one of the Sword of Merit recipient for the Infantry vocation.


Source: The Singapore Army


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