GLBT Voices Singapore: Muslim Community’s Uproar Over Tudung Issue Is Ironic

This latest ‘noise’ over the tudung issue is rather ironic, given that the Muslim community is up in arms over being shut down and denied their rights to a religious piece of clothing, which may in turn hinder their choices when it comes to employment.

So they are complaining again basically that their economic rights are not protected when it comes to Muslim women who choose to practise their religion.

But they have no regrets fighting for the continued discrimination of gay citizens in Singapore, some of whom are also fellow Muslims, as long S377A fits their religious narrative. Talk about cherry picking one’s rights.

At the end of the day, religion is a choice. And the tudung is not even mandatory within that religion. And they kick up such a fuss over it, to the point of threatening social cohesion. But being gay is who we are, and not a choice regardless of what bugots.

Ah the delicious irony.


Source: GLBT Voices Singapore

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