Nazem Suki: Still No Resolution On Tudung Issue Even After Decades

Plainly speaking to my non-Muslim friends about the tudung issue.

The request since over the last 30 years;
1) Our Muslim women should be allowed to wear the tudung at work.
2) Our Muslims girls should be allowed to wear the tudung in school.

The Muslim community never request for a mandatory requirements for our women and girls to don the tudung, but to have the options available should they wish to. There is no huss and fuss about the Islamic obligations to talk about, but we are only asking for the particular options to be available for our women.

How different will it be when the options are there, and we still can see some are not with their tudung? In parliament itself is a good example of harmony between Muslim women with and without tudung, even if the ratio is majority with tudung.

What influence does it make to any person or community or the state? Who is making it a complicated matter at all? The people or the establishment?

Keeping it politically is not a correct motivation and bound to ransom and conflict. This is unfair for the women, Muslim or non-Muslim, who prefer to wear the tudung anywhere and everywhere. There are no religious reasons for a non-Muslim to put on the tudung if they want to. There are guidelines in Islam for Muslim women to put on their tudung. Ultimately it is the individual preference, and if only the option is there. But now, what options are there?

Question? Why and who and what is holding it back? Nearly 40 years with no resolution?


Source: Mohamed Nazem Suki

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