Malaysia Youth & Sports Minister: Bumiputra University Quotas Insult Malays

KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said Malays should view the quota system for entry into local universities as “insulting”.

“These quotas and all that, some of it is in Article 153 in the constitution. I have been telling my Malay community, I said, ‘You know, one day, you should actually aspire, even before 2050, aspire to be in the university without quota’,” the Umno Youth leader told a dialogue on the National Transformation Plan 2050 with Indian youths at the Putra World Trade Center here today.

“We should start seeing this quota (system) as something that is a bit insulting, that we need quota to get somewhere.”

His comments came after a participant said he hoped that the quota system for Bumiputeras in the country would one day be removed.

“Just as there is a perception of discrimination amongst other communities, we also feel that maybe we are not that good, because other communities are saying that, ‘Hey you are here only because of the quota’.

“I want the Malay community to complete on a level playing field. That’s my aspiration,” said Khairy.

The dialogue session was organised by MIC Youth as well as several Indian youth NGOs.




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