Damanhuri Abas: The Malay Reserved President Is A Done Deal

The Malay Reserved President is a done deal no matter how much Dr Tan Cheng Bock try to argue for an Open Election. He will be admired for his tenacity and resolve to truly serve the people he love. So what can Singaporean hope for after Dr Tan Cheng Bock?

Looking at the rank and file in Government, they are still mostly dominated by career civil servants from the uniformed or non-uniformed services. This reality undermines the Government’s claim that pegging Ministers salary to that of top private sector senior management will lead to more coming forward to join politics and becoming Ministers.

In fact since the Government calibrated the salary of Ministers to be on par to that of private sector senior management, we have not seen any ground-breaking move that is worth mentioning. The truth is, if one has attained senior management position in business it is most unlikely that a political career is anywhere in his or her radar. Instead it is those who don’t see financial prospect in the private sector that will grab a chance of making big bucks as politician. It is definitely rare and extremely far between to expect anyone who is earning a handsome annual pay comfortably in the private sector to be so driven by a calling to serve the people.

Singaporean yearns for that truly fresh face to rejuvenate their hopes and dreams amidst the gloom of a Machiavellian driven politically sterile landscape dominated by the powerful elite and their avarice. For now, such a one is imperceptible in both the near and far vista of our political horizon.



Source: Damanhuri Bin Abas

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