Daughter Of Uncle Abused At Hawker Centre – Self-Entitled Brats Will Get What They Deserve

Today, no words can express my outrage and disgust to learn of an incident that happened to my dad. The incident took place on 21st April (this past Fri night) and I only got to know of it through several online postings and after watching the video. (For my peeps on the other side of the globe, you can read about it in the link I’ve posted below. Now that it has gone viral, even YouTube has the video..oh geez…ikr.. it’s pretty shameful but it happens….)

What I find unbelievable is for the entire 2 days, my dad never for once mentioned a word of it. When I ask him why hasn’t he made it known to us? Why hasn’t he made a report? In his own words, he tells me he didn’t think anything will come out of it, will the police even act on it? ..does it make sense to pursue it?.. Furthermore, will anyone even going to believe him? It will be just his words …So what can he do? He figured he will have to just brush it off, and move on..so no point mentioning……I was stumped for a moment, only then it dawned on me that there are folks out there, like my dad, who fell victims to similar unruly behaviors, and yet do not think they have a voice or view that any appropriate action will be taken for all it’s worth… what my dad didn’t know (since he is not exactly the most tech savy person) is the whole incident was captured and recorded on video…over the course of 2 days, multiple eye witnesses have stepped forward and filed police reports …and for that, I am forever grateful to Manny who posted the video and the ones who brought to light of this incident and also for those (like Janice ,Trish and the netizens) who righteously have the courage to stand up, to speak up, and to take action against the bullying.

Our hawker and food centres are public places. Seatings are first come first serve basis. While I understand it’s common practice for many of us (including myself) to leave an artifact to reserve seats while queuing for food, since when does this equate to entitlement or ownership of these public items? To get in depth with Singapore’s infamous “chope seat” system will require a whole separate discussion, which I am not about to get into here ….Bottom line is (doesn’t matter who is there first) , my dad only wanted to share the table, there were only 2 of them (the couple) and their food wasn’t even ready….Will it kill them just to share the seats??! I mean ..seriously??!! Not only the woman was uncouth with her hurling of abusive profanities, her companion just had to despicably ram my dad from behind, trying to knock him off his feet!

Last but not least, thank you all for the heart warming support, the vigilantes who keep a watchful eye on the wrongdoings, and took care to lookout for those who are vulnerable. The culprits are still Scot free. If any of you can kindly identify them or have someone in mind, (please NO cyber posting of names or bullying). .. just notify the police at 1800 -255 -0000 at your own discretion…the police will verify the identities of the culprits first in any case, so that we don’t falsely accuse the innocents.

to the ugly couple who did this to my dad, you know who you are..what goes around comes around.. even if we don’t find you.. God sees everything.


Source: Caroline Ng

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