Bedok Robber Punched 8-Month Old Pregnant Lady In Stomach After Failed Robbery Attempt

A 42 year old pregnant lady was punched in her stomach by a robber in broad daylight in Bedok as she was taking the lift back home. Last Friday (28 April 2017), the 8 months pregnant lady finished marketing and was on the way home when the robber tailed her into the lift.

The robber waited for the victim to walk out of the lift before tugging at her handbag. Instead of letting go, the pregnant lady held on tight and refused to let go of her wallet and started screaming loudly for help. When he failed to snatch her handbag, the robber was enraged and punched her in the stomach as warning.

Despite the attack, she continued to scream loudly and seeing that he was unable to snatch her bag, the robber ran off hurriedly. Fortunate for the lady, both she and the baby were alright after checkup.

A police report was made at 9pm that night and after reviewing CCTV footage, the police arrested the robber at Tampines MRT the following day. The robber was charged for attempted robbery in Court on 1 May 2017. If convicted he would be sentenced to a minimum of 1 year jail or up to 7 years with rotan caning.


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