If You Are Thinking About Becoming A Full-Time Delivery Rider, Read This

If you are a delivery rider, you should read this

It is not uncommon for full time delivery riders to pull in $3000-$4000 a month on 12 hour shifts (daily). Even Uber / Grab drivers get to earn about $5000-$6000 per month (gross).

For some, this is more than what some of our peers earn in their office or F&B jobs.

Coupled with the flexible working hours, it makes this option extremely attractive.

If you intend to be a full time delivery rider / uber / grab driver, please be aware of two very important facts.

First: You do not get the benefits that an employee has.

There are no employer’s CPF contribution, medical benefits, paid annual leave or work injury compensation. No CPF means problem getting a house. No medical benefits means no pay if you fall sick. No compensation means, you pay out of your own pocket of you get into an accident.

Second: There is no upskilling.

You ride and ride. You drive every day. There is no incentive for you to upskill. It’s a dead end job. Going to courses will actually take your time away from the road which means less income for you.

In my honest opinion, these jobs are only good for extra money or for a temporary period. If you think about making this your lifelong career, see my two points above and think again.

I think working at McDonalds got more career prospect.


All the best bro.


Source: www.thoughtssg.com

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