Mother Got Cheated Of $9000 Worth Of Milk Online By Scammer

A Singaporean woman got cheated of almost $9000 after spending it on 150 tins of milk powder. She lodged a police report after failing to contact the sellers who disappeared with her money.

She chanced upon a couple who were selling milk powder online for at least 20% cheaper. She trusted them as she had smooth transactions with them before, and later started a spree with 14 other mothers.

This time, however, the sellers gave excuses like having car break down and other management issues. They gradually became uncontactable after receiving the money.

As a result, the woman was misunderstood for cheating other mothers of their money. She even had to borrow from her mother-in-law to return them the money and make them appeased.

Walao eh, milk powder also want to cheat.




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