A Letter To “Milk Is Milk” Minister Josephine Teo

“milk is milk”
Minister Josephine Teo.

Dear Mrs. Teo,
You have truly inspired us with your profound wisdom when you said that “Milk is milk, just buy the cheapest brand.” In fact, you inspired us so much that we came up with our own cost saving ideas…

1: Salary is salary, and since a monthly salary of $1,000/- a month is enough to buy a HDB flat, why pay ministers millions for? Just pay them $1,000/- a month would be enough, especially since without exception, they’re all such idiots all they do is mess things up rather than solve problems.

2: Housing is housing, and since a one room HDB flat will shelter you from the elements as well as landed property, just demolish all the landed properties in Tanglin, Upper Bukit Timah and others and built 200 storey HDB flats. Better yet, a one-room HDB flat is a very small space, so like you said before, won’t such small spaces be more conducive to physical intimacy and sex? Oh, and of course, compensate all those living in these areas by giving them flats at the very top floor, and of course, to ensure that the lifts never break down, just do away with the lifts entirely. Hey walking up and down 200 storeys every day is good exercise, right?

3: Education is education, so why should we squander taxpayers’ monies giving scholarships to ministers’ children when the ministers can afford to pay for their education? And moreover, didn’t Education Minister Ong Ye Kung say that Singapore needs skilled workers? So why not send the ministers’ children to study in ITEs and polytechnics instead of wasting public funds sending them to university on scholarship? This is especially so since without exception, none of them seem to shine in their high-paying jobs. We know, because there’ll be no end of bragging on SPH news if one of them does something exceptional.

4: Food is food, so why should ministers like Lim Swee Say keep eating in restaurants like Din Tai Fung? There’s absolutely no reason why they can’t eat at hawker centers now, is there?

5: Jobs are jobs, and whether you’re a cabbie, a cleaner, or a highly-paid senior civil servant you’re still earning an honest living, so why should ministers’ children get highly-paid government jobs or any such? Why not make them become hawkers, cleaners, security guards, cabbies and so forth? Since the government is encouraging us all to work in such dead-end jobs, we expect the ministers to lead by example and make their own children do such jobs.

See how much your profound wisdom has inspired us?


Source: Jafri Basron

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