Beware! Peeping Tom Helps People Double Check Their Receipt At Sengkang MRT UOB Deposit Machine


So i was at the UOB deposit machine located at Sengkang MRT Station. If you guys know exactly where it is, you do know that it is in an air-conditioned room and there’s only machines and no tellers.

When i walked in, i am pretty sure i am the only one in there and it is quiet. And also if somebody were to walk in, im pretty sure it would also be noticeable as the silence will break due to outside sounds coming in when the door opens. Well, you know what i mean. If not, just nod along and try to keep up.. LOL..

What do you guys normally do after you key in the information like account numbers etc? You double check against the paper that you are holding right? That is exactly what i did…….

And suddenly i heard a voice just behind my left ear….

“Ya, correct…”

I turn around and saw this guy standing behind me, peering over my shoulder to “help” me double check my entry….

I was stunned like a vegetable. I stared at him and ask sarcastically..


“Ya.. really correct..” he answered..

Menjawab pulak….

Ask him to back off and i quickly finished up the transaction. He goes back to the corner and just wait for his next victim…

Just a heads up for those staying in Sengkang..



Source: Encik Gambir

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