A Young Mother’s Lament: Malay Parents Must Be Fair, Treat Daughters And Sons Equally

My apologies if you feel that I’m talking about you but I’m not so please refrain from negative feelings.

I honestly, am sick and tired of our Malay parents whom are gender biased.
(I say ours cuz majority are doing this to their children and I hate it. I hate it to the bones.)

Yes, I dare say it cuz I’ve a son now, and it totally opened my eyes and mind as well, as to how badly our girls are treated in families where there are mixed gender siblings.

The sons are treated well and parents give them face and MANJA them too much.
The son is placed on a pedestal and feels like a KING no matter what he does.

Don’t talk about religion to me cuz I know damn well what a son is supposed to do in the family.

You give so much to your son, treat him like he’s a freaking prince, yet your daughter is treated like a freaking maid having to be responsible for paying the bills, clean the house & whatever else they are supposed to do.

You let your son escape his responsibilities and act like a hooligan, yet you condemn your own daughters when they make a slight mistake?

You mollycoddle him til he can manipulate your freaking mind, until one day he starts to be so rude to you but you don’t have the heart to piss him off cuz you’re scared, then when it’s too late, end up your daughter has to clean up his crap?

So when you, as a parent, pass on, have you equipped your son with the preparations of your death?
Does he know what needs to be done?

Or is everything supposed to be settled by your daughter AGAIN.

Yes, you can manja and give alot of support for your son.
YES, he will be the Imam for the family and other very important duties of which I do not wish to mention.

But please remember that you have other daughters whom are in need of your attention and love.

Please don’t forget that they have feelings, too.

Respect your daughters.
Be firm with your son or sons and raise them to respect women.
Don’t let them learn to manipulate and have control over women JUST because of their gender and status.

Don’t EVER let them abuse their authority as husbands and fathers.

I am nursing my son as I type this down.

It saddens me to hear tons of stories about selfish sons and abusive sons..

Also, daughters being neglected cuz they’re just..

Had enough of this crap.


Just..stop it, please.


Source: Siti Nur Aisyah

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