Baby Raffique Is Out Of The Operating Theater, Recuperating And In Stable Condition

Syukran to Allah for giving strength to this babyboy. In life i have gone through quite a number of obstacles but none is as great as this babyboy. Syukran to Allah for choosing us to help him in his fight to improve his health. Insyallah he will fight all the way and be as per normal in months to come. Below is an update from Amy Recha about his nephew after his surgery.


“Updates on Raffique Rayfal and the donation campaign.

Salam everyone,

Baby Raffique is finally out from the operating theater and Alhamdulilah, his condition is stable at the moment.

I, Amy Recha, would like to inform everyone that I will be no longer collecting donations via transferring into my account. Fundraising is still going on, however, ONLY at

Alhamdulilah, as at 13 June 2017, we’ve collected $50,217 (not including the total donations collected on )

Total payment made as at today is $50, 294.12. To see my sister smiling so widely when making payment makes me feel so touched. Alhamdulilah, honestly, we could not do it without all of your help. On behalf of my family, thank you so much everyone. May Allah bless all the kind souls who’ve donated, shared my posts and prayed for baby.

InshaAllah, baby Raffique will be out of this war soon. Amin 🙏🏻

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Source: Amy Recha and Hermie Malek


Editors’ Note:

Alhamdulillah, #R1C would like to thank all the kind souls for helping out with the payment for baby Raffique. This is a blessing in disguise. May we perform more good deeds in this holy month Insha Allah

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