Tampines Hawker Centre Chicken Rice Stall Served Disappointment In My Lemon Chicken Rice

Salam dan selamat berpuasa kepada semua , i would like to share my bad experience with this chicken rice shop.. This is the worst ever chicken rice i’ve ever bought.. Im really sorry to say that but this is the fact.. I just bought this 2 packet of chicken rice just now evening around 7plus sebelum buka.. I have open 1 packet and put it on a plate wanting to feed my kids ..

There was a long queue and since we never patronize the chicken rice shop there before ; we decided to give it a try despite the long queue.. And so we ordered lemon chicken rice (- off the lemon) as this was for my kids.. When the staff handed me the plastic bag, i was surprised that the weight was so light but i didnt want to check as there was still a long queue behind us nak order mkn untuk buka.. So we paid a total amount of $8.40 (lemon chix rice cost $4 , takeaway add $0.20) No soup..

Service pon bad , tk friendly langsung , senyum pon tkda.. I tak pasal lah kalau tknk senyum ke apa, janji makanan sedap..

So once i’ve reached home , i wanted to feed my kids , terperanjat tengok the quantity was so little.. Tengok the chicken rice pon tkda selera & the chicken tasted funny & weird.. Double confirm with my mum & yes she said that the chicken nk rosak.. As you guys can see from the photo, the chicken is very dark and keras.. Jual org nasi ayam , tapi ayam dah nk rosak??? Hancur.. The nasi was also tasteless , so to be safe i dont dare to feed the chicken rice to my kids.. Tk pasal2 nanti dorang kene sakit perut.. Im so dissapointed that i couldnt get to feed my kids their meal just yet.. Wasted.. Its totally going to be my first and last patronizing that shop..

LOCATION : Tampines Hub Hawker Centre.


Source: Nadhz Dahlia Seroja in Halal Cafe & Restaurants Singapore

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