I Just Wanted To Buy A Dress At Tampines Bazaar By I Left With A Dressing Down From Stallholder Instead

Entered A Bazaar Stall At Tampines Hub And Saw A Dress I Really Liked.

“Braper Kak?”

“1 Helai $80.
Kalau Beli 2 $100.
Tapi Saya Tak Tau Kenapa Orang Cakap Mahal?!
Orang2 Sini Semua Nak Yg Murah2 $10 Or $20.
Kain Ni 1 Meter Harga $10.
Saya Pakai 4 Meter Total $40.
Upah Jahit Lagi Letak $20.
Belum Kira Sewa Kedai Lagi.
Packaging Lagi.
Braper Jer Saya Untung!
Itu Pon Orang Cakap Mahal!
Menyesal Saya Bayar 4 Ribu Untuk Sewa Bazaar Kat Sini.

I Smiled & Terus Angkat Kaki Jalan.

What Can We Learn Here?

As Business Owners, FOCUS On Providing Quality Good Services To Your Potential Client.
Do Not Be Distracted From Your Actual Purpose Of Starting A Business.
Ranting About Other Clients & Blaming Em’ For Not Purchasing To A Potential Buyer Who Might Actually WILLING TO PAY FOR IT Says A Lot About You As An Owner.

It Was A Pity.
Because I Really LOVE The Dresses & Would Have Forked Out The $100 Note From My Wallet. 🙃

It Would Have Been A Different Story If _________. (Fill In The Blank)



Source: Lisa Hardi

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