Kind Young Couple Distributed Tarts So That Others In Long Food Queue Could Break Fast

*This is worth sharing
Masyallah, this young couple (they are siblings by the way) here deserves a shoutout. A positive example to follow.
We were at coffeebean Suntec and its very near our break fast time. The q was super long and the staffs were doing their best to handle the orders.

Then it’s time to break our fast and many were still in the q.

This young chap and his partner already got a seat and his meals served. Most of us would just start diggin in and be oblivious to our surrounding. But this guy here with a box of tarts, distributed it to the people in the q so that they can break their fast on time.
Just for the info, when a Muslim is fasting and its time to break fast, we have to try our best to break it on time.

And this gentleman here really made our day. An example of a good Muslim and the spirit of Ramadhan is brought alive by sharing his food. He did what not many will do… They are a fine young generation. May Allah bestowe upon them health and blessings… Thank you so much…


Source: Siti Jamilah

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