Why Is The Malay Mainstream Media Keeping Mum About Pink Dot?

With the Pink Dot happening tomorrow, the Malay mainstream media is still not reporting anything on it. Silence on the issue does not translate to the Malay community being disinterested in the issue of homosexuality. Are there no homosexuals in the Malay community? The issue, at the minimum, has to be discussed in the public sphere so that our community can guide these homosexual individuals to the right path.

Yes, you may argue that some scientific research found that homosexuals are born with it, and it is not a matter of choice, and even so, that leaves us a room to participate in discussions on how best to help these homosexual individuals. By keeping quiet, we are not doing enough to help our fellow Malay community members who are homosexuals. The Malay mainstream media has to get the discussion going to get a sensing on how the Malay community feels about the whole issue. Let’s not deny the very existence of homosexuals in our community by keeping quiet.

Some individuals from the Malay community have written to Rilek1Corner to express their disappointment and are upset that Pink Dot is happening yet again this year, and that they are having a hard time explaining to theirĀ  children about the whole homosexuality issue and what Pink Dot aims to achieve out of the yearly Pink picnic. They are concerned that their children may somehow be influenced by such unIslamic lifestyle. It is about time that as a community, we should start the discussion going. As a voice of the community, the Malay mainstream media should get the ball rolling by initiating discussions on homosexuality.



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