Low Thia Khiang: Oxley Dispute A Disservice To Singaporeans, Tarnishing Singapore Brand Name

Mr Low Thia Khiang ┬ásays the Workers’ Party is concerned about how this saga will affect the nation.

The divide between ‘private and public’ in this dispute has been blurred, Mr Low added.

“This saga is distracting the Government, Singaporeans and the international audience.”

“It is damaging the Singapore brand.”

“This is not a Korean drama show,” says Mr Low of the dispute.

He adds that this is a serious matter because it affects the entire country at a time when Singapore faces various economic and political challenges.

Mr Low says making allegations in the public domain is a reckless thing to do.

The line between the public and private is a very important one. In this saga, the line has been blurred, he adds.

“We need to do this (debate) to move on from the saga to more pressing matters”, he says.

The Government should set an example and needs to maintain its dignity in the face of insults to its integrity.

“They should not get involved in Facebook brawl for the whole world to see.”

“This saga has become an ugly media circus.”


Source: www.straitstimes.com

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