Perak’s Mufti Blames Woman In Shell Poster For Arousing Men

According to Perak’s Mufti, Dr Harussani Zakaria, using a full-size poster, plastic dolls and the likes which¬†features women’s body shape is not allowed in Islam. He further elaborated that all stakeholders should acknowledge that such use of women’s poster may cause negative effects, such as men getting aroused and start “molesting” the poster.

This is in relation to the viral photos of men who posed candidly in a sexual manner with a Shell full-size poster featuring a woman, Nor Shafila Khairusalleh. Despite abusing her poster, Nor Shafila has forgiven the men for their actions. The President of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isms), Abdullah Zaik Abdul Raman mentioned that whatever happened to Nor Shakily was due to Shell’s decision in featuring a woman in their poster. Abdullah further clarified that it is natural for men to be aroused when they see a woman, although men should lower their gaze.

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