Eggs When Splattered Cannot Be Unscrambled; Orchard Road

Early this morning a cartons of eggs, believed to have fallen out of a vehicle, blocked off at least one lane along Orchard Road.

The spillage of broken eggs, on the second lane outside Mandarin Gallery, stretches for about the lengths of three fire engines. Some might say that it looked like a work of art. An interesting piece too.

Photos of the scene quickly spread over the internet.

The driver whose eggs belongs to was not there and is believed to have fled the scene.

Surprisingly the splattered eggs did not seem to have caused damaged to vehicles in the area either based on the photos.

Some road users were actually more surprised to see fully armed police in black directing traffic at the incident area. There were four of them standing beside two motorbikes. It is not clear if they happened to be in the area or that they were actually tasked to render assistance.


Moral of the story: This is why you don’t place all of your eggs in one basket. Lorry driver mana??




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