Uncle’s Friend Dirtied Car With Vomit, Uncle Unfairly Takes It Out On Valet Driver, Boasted To Attending Police Officers That He Got Money

You needed a driver (even from East Coast Park lagoon to CCK n Jurong West), we provided one. You needed to drop a friend home, we followed your instructions. But we didn’t tell your friend to vomit in your car!!

You wanted us to drive you to nearest car wash near your house and we did. Along the way you couldn’t stand the smell of vomit in your new car and got angry with your friend, why take it out on our driver? Why be vulgar and aggressive with Uncle Kumar?

Upon reaching the petrol station you refused to pay and even challenged a bystander who tried to mediate after seeing you verbally abuse our driver? You even boasted you had money to the police but refuse to pay unless our driver washed the car for you??!!

Uncle Kumar is one of our most humble, obliging and patient drivers we have. He came to work on a Sunday night to earn a little more to support his family and to ensure drinkers get home safely. Why pick on him when it’s your friend that dirtied your car?!

We will be lodging a police report against you not for the $38.00 you refuse to pay but for the way you took our driver for granted and for your bullying act.

To all other drive home valet service providers, this may happen to your drivers as well. Don’t ever let this or any other bullies take our drivers for granted. We are only providing a service to keep our roads safer and to ensure drinkers get home safe.



Source: Drive Home Service Singapore

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