Promote Racial Harmony, Encourage Learning Of Each Other’s Mother Tongues

While agreeing with the letter “Spark interest in Mandarin with fun, creative lessons” (July 27), I must add that the teaching process should be simplified.

People lose enthusiasm when they find the lessons difficult to understand, and many give up learning halfway.

The learning of mother tongues or other languages is an asset, regardless of one’s reasons for doing so.

In a multiracial society, the importance of promoting social cohesion cannot be overemphasised, and this can be achieved by being able to communicate effectively with one another.

There have been cases of conflict and suspicion owing to miscommunication or a lack of communication, as people of different races have different perceptions of the issues they face. Hence, the ability to put messages across to others is paramount.

One way is to learn more of our own mother tongue and that of others.



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