Uncle With Dementia Stuck On PIE, Nowhere To Go, Biker Abang Saved Him, Sent Him Home

I didn’t manage to post this story as i was too busy with work and my school.

Date : 10th July 2017
Time : 12 midnight
Place : Jurong East

I ended work at 9pm that day but i stayed until its 11pm i don’t know why though. There wasn’t a need for me to stay back at work but i just got a feeling i have to stay. I kept procrastinating until its 12am.

So as usual i took my bike and made my way.

I was turning into PIE (middle of expressway) i saw an orange figure , all the vehicles passed by it without stopping so when i took a closer look it was actually this 80 years old uncle.

I stopped and took my helmet off and asked.

Me: Uncle , where you going?
Uncle : Wa , tak tahu wa kat mana. Wa sudah lupa , wa tak tahu address wa.

Translation : I dont know where i am. I forgot where i stay.

My heart broke. He was in he middle of an expressway alone with slippers on. He walked all the way from god knows where. I asked for his wallet and lucky enough there’s an address inside.

Alhamdulillah god gave me the sign to bring a extra helmet that day and He gave me the sign to stay late at work.

I don’t think this is coincidental . Its all planned by him. Its all written by him. Allah S.W.T

The uncle was sent back home safely.

If any bikers and drivers see this post please do help those in need . Its never a coincidence.


Source: Jalil Ramla 

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