Durians Bought At Yishun Chong Pang Market By Family Contained Worms Inside, Returned To Get Refund

I was craving for durians today, so my family head over to Chong Pang market fruits stall (the one with the tentage as shown in the post). The seller kept psycho us to get $18/kg durians but we ended up buying 2 @ $30 even though his attitude was bad (probably because we didn’t get the ones @ $18/kg).

I was the first to taste the durians when we got home since I was craving for it. To my horror, there were worms in the durian, faint ~ FYI, I didn’t notice till the second bite as I felt there were crunchy bits inside the flesh.

Went back to the same stall & told the seller about it. His replied was: 一个而已吗, 再选两个咯 (one only, choose another two durians lor). LOL fuck you, who wants to have the second one after the worms have digested into my stomach -.- & the seller don’t even feel apologetic at all. So my dad asked for a refund since we don’t want to have the durians anymore. Another guy passed us the $ and said 拿拿 (take take). Lol hello, we don’t owe you anything. All we want is to get the refund as the incident of having worms already grossed me.

Yishunites or whoever buys fruits from there, just be careful. Please check the quality of the fruits before consuming. You may also consider to buy fruits from the opposite stall instead.


Source: Cassandra Neo

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