Is Government Providing Fair Subsidy To Local And Foreign Stallholders?

I went to this stall because of their signboard.

As I asked about the subsidy as shown, I receive the following reply.

The stall owner Aunty raised her tone at me with her angry pointed-up eyebrows, which look like an angry bird in red.

I asked about the written subsidy meal.. She shout :’ Government help one, I am private. Different, u dun understand??!!’

I told her :’ Your attitude is bad, I do not want to order your food.’

I walk to another economic stall. The boss explained, I am not the 1st person to feedback on her bad attitude. He explained, the boss of the stall is a PRC lady. She receives 5k subsidy assistance per month.

Isn’t this a 100% profitting business?

Why is so much help cater to prc, but how about local hawker entrepreneurs?

We have to go through approval n approval and check n checks.

I kinda felt the unfairness to other hawker entrepreneurs whom just start out their noble hawker business.

To start a hawker stall, a $30k to 40k is needed. His stall rental is 1.7k per month.

My outcoming stall rental is 1.8k.

Is a hawker entrepreneur life easy?

How many plates of rice do we need to sell to cover the basic cost price. The long working hours too.

My morning is indeed a memorable one.

Aunty Pan



Source: Vivian Pan

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