Muslimah Bride-To-Be Shuts Down Kaypoh Fat Shamers

Living in Singapore as a hijabi, I would have thought people would have known to not make rude or inappropriate comments to me. I wear the hijab because I am a Muslim woman who belives her body is her own private concern. The Qur’an teaches us that individuals should not be judged according to gender, beauty, size, wealth, or privilege. Her or his character, that’s what matters.

Nonetheless, I still receive many comments thrown at me today “you drink coke everyday issit?”, “oh no wonder, your maternal family is on the bigger side” , “sayang tau you have a pretty face”, “you need to start exercise”, “were you a fat baby?”, “stop eating fast food,”, “your kakak is smaller than you!!!”, “oh thought you are the kakak”. Sad to say, many times those comments were made by fellow Muslim women.

But now, oh boy, now with my upcoming wedding, the remarks are now shifted to that focus “eh u not on diet”, “woi can still dare to eat”, “i’m invited to your wedding right? i better start dieting if not i will look super fat and ugly in your wedding photos”, “your fiancee not fat”, “better exercise, go run 3-4 times weekly”, “your wedding next year and..*looks at me up and down*”

Firstly, thank you for even using your brain before you open your mouth. Secondly, Alhamdulillah at the end of the day, I know who to go to remind myself to focus on what’s important. I know I’m not perfect and I used to make rude remarks too but I grow up (ok larr wider also I’m not in denial).

Because they speak their minds freely and brashly in front of their young ones, I encountered many kids making rude comments. Initially I brushed that aside to “kids say the darndest thing”. But since the arrival of my nephews and my close friends’ kids who have never ever made rude remarks about one’s appearance, it then dawned on me (thanks to Pooja Kaur), due to the kids’ upbringing. You see, my sister and BIL (esp my sis) are very careful with their words and how they treat others in front of my nephews.

In summary my message to Singapore and to the world larr basically — we women (be it Muslim, non-Muslim, old, young etc) – our BODY is our OWN BUSINESS!! Tak faham meh sini, gua kasi satu tampar kat mulut kamu!


Source: Nurazila Suparman

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