Sunset Grill & Pub Slammed For Remark About Being Non-Halal And Hanging Confederate Flag In Premises

An eatery famously known for its fiery hot buffalo wings has engulfed itself in metaphorical flames following a careless remark about being proudly non-Halal.

According to one former fan of Sunset Grill & Pub, her innocent query about the restaurant’s food was rudely replied with a condescending remark. Enquiring on behalf of her Muslim friends, the patron had asked if the food was of the Halal persuasion.

She did not expect to be savagely roasted:

To be fair, it should have been pretty obvious that a restaurant with the word “pub” in its name is a non-Halal establishment — the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore wouldn’t grant its certification to any joints that serve alcohol.

On the other hand, the admin behind Sunset’s Facebook page didn’t have to be that churlish or crass to claim to be a “pork loving restaurant” and end the message with the standard Arabic/Muslim greeting (“peace be with you” or “peace be upon you”).

Since the remark went viral, Sunset’s Facebook page has been bombed with 1-star reviews, as per standard Singaporean protocol when commercial entities allegedly do something controversial. The pub has since disabled the ratings feature on its Facebook page, but not before we screen-grabbed some of the reviews.

Aside from the blunt remark about being non-Halal, netizens spotted another feature of the pub to condemn: the fact that it hung up the American Confederate flag in its establishment. Granted, some may see it as a symbol of “heritage” of the American South, but for many others, it’s a symbol of racism, slavery and white supremacy in the United States.

As Mothership found out, the eatery — popular for its spicy buffalo wings — was previously located at Jalan Kayu and only recently moved to its current location in Sembawang, with different management and staff.

In any case, Sunset Grill & Pub has since apologised for the remark, which they admitted to be “excessively sarcastic”. Still, they tried to justify their answer by saying that the patron “would have known that (they) serve a full menu and (is) a fully licensed Pub”.




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