Yuna Engaged To Malaysian Director Adam Sinclair

Yuna has got engaged to boyfriend Adam Sinclair, the Malaysian singer-songwriter formally announced on Sunday (Aug 6).

It was a “traditional Malay engagement” ceremony, said the 31-year-old, held at her family home in Shah Alam, Selangor on Saturday.

“We decorated my whole house with fresh flowers, opened our home to Adam’s family and our uncles (representing our families) had a little chit chat about our plan getting hitched.


“They exchanged beautiful poems and our families exchanged gifts… making this whole thing legit (sic)!” said Yuna, who is signed with David Foster’s Verve Music Group, on Instagram.

The traditional Malay gift exchange – a move Yuna described as “staying true to our roots” – involved both sides presenting items like dress material, cakes and other sweets on trays.

In an interview with Channel NewsAsia in November last year, the award-winning star said she thought it “important to hold on to (her) Malaysian roots” while pursuing her career in the US.

The event was pastel-themed, with Yuna wearing a periwinkle blue lace dress by Malaysian designer Hatta Dolmat.


Earlier on Saturday, 33-year-old Adam, who directed Yuna’s Pulang music video, shared a photo of him as a child with the caption: “Are you sure, @yunaleese?”. The caption was addressed to Yuna on her private Instagram meant “for family and friends”.


The Lullabies and Rescue star shared a childhood photo of her own on her @yunamusic account as well, with the caption: “We came a long way, didn’t we?”

Yuna’s other half is brother to Malaysian actor Ashraf Sinclair, who has been married to Indonesian star Bunga Citra Lestari since 2008.



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