Project Chulia Street Reminds Us That National Day Is Also About Caring For Migrants Who Help Built Singapore

Sometimes all it takes is a little child to say it like it is.

“I think my butterfly is very beautiful. And I think the uncles will like it.”

“The uncles worked very hard to build Changi Airport. And I want to say thank you.”

“Thank you uncle for the hard work!”

These children were part of a Project Chulia Street event for migrant workers at Westlite Woodlands dormitory. The children created gift bags, while the other members organised a carnival for the workers.

“A lot of what we have today was not built by Singaporeans alone. It was through these migrant workers, toiling under the hot sun. That’s why when we celebrate our nation building they should be part of this.”

– Eva Lim Sng, co-founder of Project Chulia Street.

Amidst the terrible stories we hear of migrant worker abuse or mistreatment, this initiative by Project Chulia Street reminds us that a celebration of Singapore is not complete without the workers who build it.

Watch the video on Project Chulia Street’s initiative, produced by the Singapore Kindness Movement here.

By the way, Project Chulia Street derived its name from Chulia Street, which was home to the earliest immigrants from Southern India known by the name Chulia. That’s a bit of history for you!



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