Poem For Singapore’s State Of Affairs

I just wrote this poem for my dearest family and friends. Like if you enjoyed reading it. Look the other way if you didnt.


It’s easy to lead a good life
One that is not filled with strife
Hop along go where the wind blows
Richly adorned by things that glows
Queue for your food and chope your seats
Trust the government and praise their feats
Look the other way when they cheat
Because if you see it will mean defeat
Convince yourself that it’s not all gloom
Sleep tight and embrace the moral doom
Change the laws to suit the government
Of course to the people’s ultimate detriment
You are so busy giving your life to make money
You forget that living life is sweet as honey
At elections your support leaves them humble
But in real life costs continue to double
Always silencing the disenting voices
Stripping you of your democratic choices
Let’s go on many fancy holidays
One of many enjoyable getaways
Why do we care how the country is run
Just make sure my BTO is done
Power corrupts ordinarily
Absolute power corrupts absolutely
The pride of a nation in sports is bought from abroad
To our foreign friends welcome aboard
We the citizens won’t mind
We just say nevermind
Small rights are gradually stripped
Aiya, it’s better to keep your mouth zipped
Why do you care what the government does?
I really don’t see what’s the big fuss
Pay more for water and anything on the shelve
You don’t need much space for everything else
Accuse your citizens of being racist
Then let off lightly a foreign rapist
Send the small fries to the gallows
Wine and dine with the rich fellows
Our world class transport system is plagued by signal fault
Alamak this month instalment I cannot default
Foreign students take loans to study here
Runaway with unpaid loan without fear
Must sue if integrity questioned
But if brother, lets keep this unmentioned
We are champions of the small things
Oblivious to the injustices life brings
There is only one thing left to do
Best you start preparing without much ado
Come on man, steal your neighbour’s lunch, they say
Easy. because most of us are always looking the other way


Source: K.P.

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