Beware! Singaporean Names, Residential Addresses And Mobile Numbers Exposed On A Website Called ‘Locate Family’

My friend recently alerted me to this site as she discovered that my personal data have been exposed on this website called ““.

This includes my name, residential address (including the unit number) and mobile number. They are all accurate.

I was surprised to see my data listed on the website!

I did a random check for my other friends and some of them also appeared on this website. So many Singaporeans are listed on the website!

I am not sure how the company even got hold of such sensitive personal data and it scares me to think what strangers can do with these information.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act, organisations are not allowed to collect, use or disclose personal data without our consent.

But if it’s publicly available, it’s a different story – they can use your data.

Just be careful whenever you are asked to reveal your personal data to someone else or an organisation!

If you managed to find your details on Locatefamily, you can request for the company to suspend the listing of information and permanently remove it once they have verified your information.”



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